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Diabetic comedian & co-host of "Connected Comedy" also know Chelcie from the blog "How to Suck at Comedy", Sugar Free Comedy and Diabetes Forecast Magazine 2012's "14 People To Know".

  • My new pump

    So with me getting health insurance last year it came time for me to get a new pump The warranty was up on my other so I became eligible for an upgrade.  So now I have a pump with a built in CGM.  It's taken some learning but I can actually see some improvement with my blood sugars.

  • C'mon guys! Get it together

    So I was sitting around reading a magazine.  I noticed it had a ton of good recipes and healthy alternatives.  As I kept looking through it I realized this was a magazine geared towards women.

  • Here's to a new year!'s a new year and new possibilities  I don't really do resolutions cause I either fail at them or I totally forget.  But I will say that last year was big for me so I figure I need to put for a little more effort in making this one just as big if not bigger.  So with that said I'm going to work on some new things for this blog like posting videos and short thought provoking posts.

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