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Diabetic comedian & co-host of "Connected Comedy" also know Chelcie from the blog "How to Suck at Comedy", Sugar Free Comedy and Diabetes Forecast Magazine 2012's "14 People To Know".

  • I don't feel a day over yesterday

    So I got this document in the mail. I couldn't tell what it was because it was in a plain envelope.  So I opened it up and...*sigh* was this    My AARP card application.

  • It's not just ice water

    OK here goes nothing... I've been seeing a lot of folks on social media criticizing the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Saying anything from it's a waste of water to just give money and stop being stupid.

  • Another setback. Gotta love it

    Remember that new pump I got?  The one with the CGM built in? Yeah that one.

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