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Diabetic comedian & co-host of "Connected Comedy" also know Chelcie from the blog "How to Suck at Comedy", Sugar Free Comedy and Diabetes Forecast Magazine 2012's "14 People To Know".

  • Funny thing happened in my class

    So I got a cool gift for my birthday last September. Yes you missed it.  I got to take a baking class.

  • I need a little help from my friends

    Lately i've been wondering, What am I here for? I turn 50 in a few months and that question has been ringing in my head for quite a while.  My passions are rather all over the board from comedy, music, collecting, photography etc.  But I guess my true calling is comedy I love stand up comedy.  it's literally like sky diving. When I started speaking more about my diabetes in my act I wanted to use my comedy to spread information about it.  So I came up with an idea.

  • My new pump

    So with me getting health insurance last year it came time for me to get a new pump The warranty was up on my other so I became eligible for an upgrade.  So now I have a pump with a built in CGM.  It's taken some learning but I can actually see some improvement with my blood sugars.

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